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News: Divendo Webs renewed!Date: 2010-08-22 15:28:20

Divendo Webs has been renewed.

I thought the old site looked very dull.
So I designed a new layout, and here it is!

But that's not all! I decided to make some new features for the new site.
The site is now in two languages: English and Dutch.
This means that there are also two guestbooks now...
An English guestbook and a Dutch guestbook.

The guestbooks do also have some new features.
You can use BBCodes now to add bold text, italic text, underlined text and links.
I also made a set of smileys you can use in the guestbooks to express you emotions...

I always liked writing tutorials. That's why I made a tutorial page on my site.
The subject of these tutorials can be eveything:
  • Writing your own C++-program
  • Building a simple website
  • The 5 best iPhone (or iPod Touch) apps
  • How to change your Ubuntu theme
  • What's the best webbrowser
  • You name it!
Mostly they have somehting to do with computers.

Do you miss a tutorial? Or do you have a great idea for one of my programs?
Just contact me on the new contact page.

Feel free to look around, and to leave a message in the guestbook!
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